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Our main goal has been accomplished, we filed for a provisional patent. Great! But what now? That’s the main question that Jennifer and I were faced with when discussing our idea further. We didn’t really know the hardware that went into our idea, and we truly didn’t know who we needed to approach in order to get the answers that we needed. That’s when we decided to present at a Monthly Minihack. These “hacks” also run by Youth CITIES, allow entrepreneurs of any age and at any stage of their business to present their problem to an audience of business professions, other serial entrepreneurs and students. Then we brainstorm about the potential solutions that could potentially solve these problems.

We entered the minihack with a couple of key points that we wanted to discuss.

1.) Feasibility of creating a business while in High School

2.) What we need in order to create our product.

3.) How to get this all done within a year.

We entered thinking that the hardest questions that we needed answer to was “How would we create our product within a year,” and we surprisingly came up with a solution fairly quickly. We discussed mainly on the the main things that we needed in order to apply for our full provisional patent, and we quickly realized that we were focusing too much on hardware instead of software. We devised a plan to gain the knowledge and the research that we would need in order to order to successfully create our product. Now that we have a plan, it’s time to do it!

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