Multigenerational Group Tackles Challenges in Boston’s School System

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The issue of equity is not low-hanging fruit…

This month’s mini-hack brought together community members of diverse backgrounds with a stake in the same mission— the betterment of the Boston public school system. It is no secret that with such expansive regional jurisdiction, issues of student allocation, school quality, and coordination of the two arise. The waitlisting system— albeit stressful— has gotten the job done for most Boston residents in the past, but for the few students who fall through the cracks every year, it has become imperative for school administrators to seek out a solution.

Educators, BPS students, parents, and community members engaged in unrelenting dialogue, considering every step of the student and parents’ journey and all possible bottlenecks from transportation to institutional transparency to perceptions of school quality. Long-time educators interfaced with students with first-hand accounts of the shortcomings of the current system, while parents and community members offered that part of the solution lies in transcending “superficial perceptions of our schools.”

September’s mini-hack session was a thrilling start to the school year, and we look forward to the continued involvement of our community members in the months to come! To register for next month’s mini-hack, click here.

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