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I am very excited to be launching our brand new website! It is almost done, but some of it is still under construction. I’m very excited to have a “virtual incubator” available for any past or present Youth CITIES student, where mentors and peers can help make the idea into a reality…that will be available some time in early August….more info on it soon.

The other program that I’m in the process of creating is a “Tech Tinkering Track”. Entrepreneurs get inspired in different ways, and by different activities. My goal is to have hands-on technology creation sessions where the goal is just to figure out how to build a product (whether it’s a robot, a videogame, a new design for a soda can top, etc) that somehow benefits a community. If there’s enough interest, I’d like to launch a videogame tinkering track this coming January. I’m discussing this idea with Microsoft, and have some interest already from middle school and high school kids. I will definitely keep you in the loop as I figure out more details…and will launch it if I can get enough interest.

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