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We provide the tools and the network to mobilize the next generation.

We’ve all heard the expression, “it’s not just what you know….it’s also who you know”.  Youth CITIES isn’t just about the classroom training, or even just about execution.  It’s also about helping you build out your network.

Why network? It is the most powerful way to build professional relationships.  Statistics from the Federal Bureau of Labor indicate that 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking.  It is always important to keep adding to your network — both inside and outside your industry, because networking allows you to be in a position interact with the decision makers who are making things happen.  A former Youth CITIES student remarked that she was always told by her friends and family that she didn’t need to dream big, because “even if she had a good idea, who would listen?”.  Well, the Youth CITIES network will listen.

Gladys leveraged the Youth CITIES network to win local awards in her city, write a guest column for the Eagle Tribune, and win the opportunity for a professionally-made documentary about her Youth CITIES venture (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu-mDFo_VRg).  Margaret leveraged the Youth CITIES network to get an internship at CIC.  Rayza leveraged the Youth CITIES network to get an internship at Karmaloop.  Elaine leveraged the Youth CITIES network to meet with Atlas Venture to get additional entrepreneurial advice.

Youth CITIES has the the entrepreneurial community’s finest network…a network that is accessible to all Youth CITIES participants.  From the March-to-May bootcamp, to the Venture Café networking event, to the monthly Mini-Hack sessions, Youth CITIES opens doors to a network that can become your network too.

Please check out a partial list of the amazing people involved in Youth CITIES.  They are the reason why Youth CITIES has been so successful.



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