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Monthly Mini-hacks

Using tools such as modified business model canvases, directed graph theory, and a variety of decision-making styles, mini-hacks are creative problem-solving sessions done through the lens of an entrepreneur. As an intergenerational peer collaborative, each month we tackle one topic (presented by a member of our community) to figure out issues such as “who should care,” “why,” and “what resources are within reach” in a moderated brainstorming session.

Started by Youth CITIES, CIC, and Belmont High School teacher Josh Goldfine, the goal of monthly “mini-hacks” was to foster creative problem-solving in a non-competitive, highly respectful brainstorming session. This 2-hour whiteboarded brainstorming session is now facilitated by Executive Director Vicky Wu Davis and amazing local entrepreneur Brendan Kohler.

Mini-hacks are open to all middle or high school teens, college students, entrepreneurs, educators, public officials, and other working professionals interested in flexing some brain muscles and meeting great people of varying backgrounds (many of whom are new to the Venture Café experience).

Program Details

Mini-Hack sessions take place on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 4:30pm to 6:00pm at CIC (at the same time Venture Café will be running, so feel free to mingle with the Café-goers before or after the Mini-Hack session as an affiliate member). Venture Café takes place on the 5th floor of CIC. The Mini-hack is usually in the Cancun Conference Room (The fishbowl-shaped room near Venture Café’s check-in). RSVP is preferred, but not required. Bring a friend!


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