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Last week, McCall Middle School provided Youth CITIES with another rockstar student to present at the Youth CITIES Monthly Mini-Hack. Seventh-grader Vara Mathiyalakan shared his vision for Project N.E.A.H.R. (Nuerological Electro-chemical-controlled Artificial Humanoid Robot). Got all that??

Vara’s project seeks to combine some cutting-edge technologies to allow an average person to control a humanoid robot using their thoughts alone. Inspired in part by this 60 Minutes video, he proposes to enhance augmented reality glasses (like Google Glass, for example) and incorporate developments in neuroscience to communicate with a robot.

**To respect the intellectual property rights of Vara and Project N.E.A.H.R., this blog cannot share images of the designs presented during the Mini-Hack.**

This month’s Mini-Hack featured small group discussions, which were lively and generated great ideas for Project NEAHR to get over its current hurdle. Key takeaways included focusing first on one piece of the technology (i.e. linking neurological signals to simple bot controls); making key connections to patent attorneys and doctors; and choosing a hard deadline to to keep the team motivated and focused on a target. 

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