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We’d like to pose to you a quick question: Was there a person, experience, or opportunity that impacted you and your trajectory?
Our middle and high school students come to Youth CITIES with ambition. The Youth CITIES platform transforms them by giving them an entrepreneurial lens to tackle problems creatively and resourcefully, while building their executive presence. But our favorite part of the transformation? It’s when we see our CITIES Scholars afforded the resources and opportunities they need to flourish in real-world settings and challenges.

When their bootcamps are done, CITIES Scholars typically pursue one or more of the following pathways with support from the Youth CITIES network:

Join Our Family

Help our CITIES Scholars fully immerse themselves in their local entrepreneurial ecosystems, as our partners have for 9 years:

Ready to take the next step?
Reach out to Executive Director Vicky Wu Davis to learn more about how we can turn potential energy into kinetic for our students.
Want to see our impact in action first? Join us for our next mini-hack.

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