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There has been an emphasis on teaching innovation and entrepreneurship, but the disconnect or challenge has been figuring out exactly how it should be implemented. Every school district, school, and educator have different starting points to the journey. There are also different visions, and different theories of learning and pedagogical models from which you draw your practice from.

The good news is that entrepreneurialism doesn’t have to be a one-size fits all approach. Since innovation is not about putting technology in classrooms, nor is entrepreneurship just about teaching kids how to make/sell products for business-savvy individuals, entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be (and ultimately shouldn’t be) treated as a separate domain, whereby it only applies to certain individuals.

Entrepreneurial savviness fundamentally boils down to the ability to turn passion or problems into opportunity recognition or ideas for potential solutions into action with sustainable results—even when there are obstacles in the way, and even with limited resources. How that entrepreneurial spirit manifests depends on the individual’s passion, skills, experiences, and goals. Regardless, it’s a transferrable skill set that can be leveraged by educators to enhance classroom environments, to engage students by connecting their classroom learning in a personalized way, and to help propel diversity into all areas of next generation of leadership. Isn’t that what we want for our students? Aren’t those skills beneficial for passionate educators who want to make impact but are always budget and time-constrained?

More about Youth CITIES’ Professional Development program coming soon…

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