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Youth CITIES seeds middle and high school students with the entrepreneurial skills and mindsets to be the impactful, entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

Often times, entrepreneurship is pigeonholed for certain types of people. In reality, different perspectives, learning styles, skill sets, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and interests should be espoused and leveraged as springboards for innovation and collaboration. We can’t all address the same problem in the same way, in the same roles, with the same skill set. Entrepreneurial leadership needs to permeate into all areas of industry, organizations, and communities in order to propel our future forward, and to tackle the world’s most challenging problems successfully. Our society is desperate for a new type of leadership that is innovative and diverse. This reinvention of entrepreneurial leadership falls on today’s generation of students. More than just a set of business skills, entrepreneurial savviness is a transversal competence that should be accessible to all young people.

With a firm belief that diversity fosters innovation, Youth CITIES works hard to break down silos and stereotypes and build bridges among disparate communities. This abolishment of silos helps cultivate open-minded thinkers, create social capital amongst diverse populations, and promote the proliferation of diversity in all areas of leadership.

Vicky Wu Davis, Executive Director

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