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Jennifer Kim

Last Saturday was my birthday and the first thing that I had to do was wake up, get ready, and go to Bootcamp and mentor. Now, if I was going to spend my special day at ‘work’, I wasn’t going to just show up — ergo me showing  up in a Stitch onesie! After another heated session of Bootcamp, my techie friends and I went to Boston to celebrate. We saw a movie called Zootopia, and the main character really resembled my own background; being a techie girl among bunch of smart guys vs. a little bunny from a little town struggling to become a cop in Zootopia (where “everyone get along and anyone could be anything”) among other bigger and stronger animals. The best part about this resemblance is that my zodiac sign is a rabbit. 😀

Now after all that fun and celebration, I was greeted with a rather… “interesting” birthday present…. Let me explain:

We are currently doing a yoga unit in class and as I was stretching out, I felt a strong pain and my friends heard a crack. I was sent to the nurse’s office, where I had to eat what the nurse referred to as, ‘prison food’ (crackers and tap water) and waited for my mom. As the pain got worse, I was sent to the ER! I was seen by at least 6 doctors and nurses and every time they asked, “What happened, and what’s your name and date of birth?” — and when they found out that my birthday was not that long ago, they all wished me ‘happy belated’ with a look full of pity.

After 5 hours at ER, I was sent to the orthopedics and was (FINALLY) diagnosed. I had torn off my shoulder ligament and sprained my wrist, meaning that I can’t do any activities that requires using my left arm (I’m currently typing this with one finger, and normally it would take me couple minutes but now it’s taking me a while). The Constant pain from this injury keeps me away from being able to focus and I can’t hangout with my friends. BUT on the bright side, I don’t have to perform / show up to orchestra concerts!

Justin Yu

This week, I’ve been busy preparing for the USA Biology Olympiad Test at the end of this week. I recently discovered I made it into the semifinal round (top 10%), and I’ve had my nose in the textbook ever since. Only 20 people in the country can move on to the final round! The Division C states meet for Science Olympiad also happens to be at the end of the week, around the same time! So this week has also been filled with preparing my team and I for Winchester High School’s FIRST ever Science Olympiad Competition. So much science going on at the same time, I love it.

Vara Mathiyalakan

This week I’ve been preparing for the Massachusetts Science Olympiad States Meet where I am competing in 4 events ranging from Engineering to Astronomy — so I’ve been studying a lot for that. Yet while that’s happening, I also have been working out before my spring season starts for OutDoor Track next week. In addition, I’ve also been preparing a lot for summer opportunities, and right now I am preparing for an interview with MIT Launch (a really good summer biz program), which has been stressful yet fun! Finally, I have a National Latin Exam where I hope to place nationally. In hindsight, planning all these tests ahead of time probably would have been better, but I enjoy and appreciate the work so this has/will be a pretty fun week! 🙂

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